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3 Tips to Pay off Payday Loans

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3 Tips to Pay off Payday Loans

Taking out a payday loan, although often necessary, can become extremely burdensome on your wallet quite fast. It is instant relief against some problems at hand of course, but it is not a permanent solution and it keeps becoming bigger with time. How is that? Well, let’s assume that you borrowed two hundred pounds, with a thirty pound fee on it. Now, you may not be able to pay back the two hundred all at once, so you pay the thirty pound fee to extend your loan. Six months later, you have paid above seven hundred pounds with your actual balance standing still at two hundred. Now, is that a fair deal? But since it’s legal, you have to bear with it. Millions of other people suffer from it.

Payday LoanBut don’t worry too much; there are additional resources out of this hot mess you have gotten yourself into.

First, Calm Down

Just the fact that you are not alone in this battle against should be reason enough to help you hold your paranoid horses. You will never be able to make a sensible decision if you are under panic.


Your first and foremost choice should be to negotiate. The only way to do that is to have a talk with your lender. It may not be possible to get in direct contact with the provider, but dig into the probability of having a negotiation with the manager of the business.

Explain the problem you are facing and try meeting in the middle. Your goal should be to initially convince the lender to lower the interest rate.

Remember: your lender wants to make money off the loans he gives, but at the same time, he needs to ensure that you are actively interested in doing business with him. You are his customer.

Wait it Out Until It Goes Into Collections

If you wait out long enough on your payments, they will eventually become so big that the lender will come down to tactics like threatening you to pay. Eventually, he will be forced to hire a collection agency. What happens when your loan gets turned over to a collection agency? You acquire a chance to take your accounts to a debt management program. Problem solved.

What to pay attention to with credit cards

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What to pay attention to with credit cards

Credit card shopping is a tricky thing to do. If you are trying to look for a credit card with a great rate, be sure to brace yourself for trade-offs down the road. There may be a few cards which you have set your eyes upon as viable candidates, and you would choose any of them if not for that one detail which you are not comfortable to settle with. Chances are you’ll either find a card which you like but carries a required annual fee, or one without annual fees but with high penalties on late charges, in addition to various miscellaneous fees. It is understandable that you are reluctant to stick to just one card, but in the process of selection, make sure that you avoid applying for all of the cards which tickle your fancy. It is normal to look at the terms they carry, but don’t go too far as to apply for every card you happen to like; inquiries can do damage to your credit score if you do them beyond the comfortable limits, and the hurt you’ll set yourself up to can be more serious than you may think.
Every time you make an application for a credit card, or each time you make an inquiry about a specific loan type or store credit, your activity, and all the information associated with it, shows up on your next credit report.

This process is known as a hard inquiry, and many times, people submit applications for a variety of credit, while clueless that their inquiries go against their current credit score. The worst part is that this vital information is not provided to such people at the outset, so that they can make more competent choices.

kreditne-karticeOn the other hand, making a request for a credit report copy, known as a soft inquiry, shouldn’t hurt your credit status. This kind of inquiry is not counted in any way against your current credit score. If ever a mistake is made and this activity is reflected on your credit report to your disadvantage, take the immediate necessary steps; verify and resolve the error.
When it comes to mortgage inquiries, credit reporting agencies have afforded some slack. They have tweaked the system so that multiple mortgage inquiries which you make within fourteen days are treated as just one inquiry; this is an advantage to you, as these are not counted against your current credit score, and it is best to make all the necessary rate-shopping within a thirty-day period.

As is the case, most creditors will undoubtedly determine the exact number of inquiries which you have made, as reflected on your credit report. The limit varies between creditors, but on the average, four inquiries or greater, made within a span of 6-9 months, is considered as excessive.

If the creditor establishes the inquiries as such, they may deny your credit request, the record of which is also reflected on your credit report. This puts a dent on your credit score; so before you apply for a credit card or loan, ensure that the move is worth a few dropped points in your current credit score.

How to save more money ? Easily – pick some of these cards

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How to save more money ? Easily – pick some of these cards

The credit card industry is changing in many ways, but one of the most popular changes has to do with all the perks. For consumers looking to maximize their use of a travel credit card to reap rewards for hotels, rental cars, airlines, then we have picked out some great cards that can help you get the best use of your charges. The credit cards provide a lot of savings for anyone that is looking for points or rewards.


Discover Cards
Facts-About-the-Discover-Credit-CardThe Discover cards come in various flavors, but the Discover cash back card is probably one of the best ways for people to save. This company will often give extra points in the summer months for things like grocery store and movie purchases. It usually changes in terms of points and categories. Every season is different, but Discover offers extra points for people that make summer purchases on entertainment.

The Discover card users also have the chance to get gift cards from certain places if they spend a certain amount during the summer. This is why so many people are using their Discover cards for the summer months.

Citibank Rewards
The Citibank bank cards that offer the rewards are also quite popular for the summer. This is a card that has just changed with 2 points for everyone that has purchases for restaurants.New people that get these cards have the ability to possibly qualify for $150 gift cards and balance transfers. There are things that really allow people to increase their summer savings with very little effort.
People like the Citibank cards because these cards give users points for spending in everyday places that they already are going to. There is no need look for another card because this is one of the best possible solutions for the summer.
American Express Blue Card
The summer vacation can be a lot more pleasant when people are using the American Express card. The thing that really helps people to save money with the American Express card is the shopping mall that is linked to the Blue Card. When people are shopping online with this card they have 3X the number of points that they would usually get. This is important for people that want to accumulate points for gift cards.

There are a lot of different gift cards that people can select according to different point levels. All of these cards for gas, restaurants and generalized gift cards allow many people to save most of their expense money and use gift cards. This is how a lot of people save in the summer. Some people do not even bother to travel further than the gift cards amounts that they have.

Capital One Cash Back Card
capitaloneThe cash back card that has been getting a lot of attention is Capital One Cash Back card. This is a credit card that gives the most cash back and there are no annual fees associated with this card. Lots of people have seen the commercials that are done by the celebrities for this card.
The credit card industry is quite competitive. Many cards have multiple perks. People that are taking a summer vacation will have some real savings when they use some of the mentioned credit cards.

Zero percent interest credit card

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Zero percent interest credit card

Interest rates are always the biggest problem when it comes to credits and loans. There some relieves when it comes to interest rates – if you are a student, your interest rate will not be as high as it would in case that you are business owner.

How can you still shop for all the people you care about, and not fall into debt that will take over a year to pay off, with high interest rates that overshadow any deals you saved money with, especially when the holiday season is approaching quickly ? With all the cheer and family time, it is because of high interest, it also a time when some people rack up some unnecessary credit card debt. This year, you can spread your holiday budget much further by taking advantage of the zero percent interest credit card offer.

A zero percent interest credit card throughout 2014 means that you will pay no interest at all, on your holiday spending if you pay off the balance within the year. This offer is to the advantage of qualified card holders.

If you pay off your 2016 holiday purchases in 2017 you will be a savvy shopper. If it takes you a little longer, the interest rates will increase, however you will still not be charged for the amount you already paid through the year. The interest rates will only increase on the remaining balance.

Qualified shoppers can plan their holiday spending based on this offer and still give as much this year, without falling into the cycle of high interest rates that are hard to catch up on through the year. Everyone knows that love and family time are the main focus during the holidays, but it would be naïve to not recognize a little bit more money is needed in December. Whether the extra spending is on traveling to family, or gifts, or entertaining expenses, it is still extra money out of your pocket. A zero percent card offer can make these expenses a little less of a burden.
With the economy in alltime lows, credit card companies are increasing their perks to encourage customers to continue to use credit for gift purchases and other holiday expenses. This zero percent credit offer allows the holiday economic boost to still occur during tough times, without hurting the consumers bank account when they try to pay it back through the year.

Wise holiday spending means not going overboard and falling into a credit scheme that has you paying back much more than you spent on the gifts in interest rates. Many times consumers will be making payments on credit purchases from the year before, the next Christmas. This zero percent offer allows consumers to stop the cycle by not charging outlandish interest rates.

Take advantage of this offer while it is available for your holiday spending. If you are going to be making these purchases on credit anyway, you might as well go with the card that offers the most to the consumer in 2016.

Payday Loans – Safe or Not

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Payday Loans – Safe or Not

As it is clearly stated in the title of this article, I shall bring facts into the play and try to decide on a question of payday loans (online payday loans in this case ) being safe or not. Right now there are two streams of people writing two streams of articles and comments, one side claims that payday loans are indeed safe while other side claims opposite, that they are not safe.

I will represent third side, which will from objective point of view present all facts of this argument. I will not claim that all online payday loans sites are safe, because not all of them are, but I will not jump and claim that they are all fake, which is also not true.

As in every field of finance and everywhere we look in fact, there are bad crops and larger amount of them is found in online financing. This happens due to simple fact of low amount of protection that can be found online. There are good cyber-security companies, but not everyone are able or willing to acquire their services, and those lines of business that fail to protect their area of expertise will get it attacked by those people. Loss of personal information is common in areas like online payday lending due to low regulations those sites have and due to low protection, of which some have none. For every average hacker it is easy to hack into those sites and obtain info they want. But an average hacker would not do that due to lack of goal in that action.

There are people who will hack into payday loan site and obtain your information, and they do that to profit. Some of them will simply sell that info to those that required it in first place, and they will get paid, and you will receive a call from so called phantom debt collector who will try and make you pay your loan, existing or not into the account he give you. Some people fall for that, some don’t, but not a lot is done by governments to stop this kind of practice, so if you get screwed it is your fault.

Other hackers will get that information and do everything else by themselves baiting you in a place of the false debt collector. But in reality hackers are your least problems, corrupted payday loans sites are the major issue.

Some online payday lenders will do nothing to trick you into paying more money, they will keep to the deal it was made between you and them. But once you have paid your debt to them, and they see that you have no intentions ( you might have, they don’t care ) of taking another loan from them your personal information you have submitted to them will be sold. They can’t just sell your information as it was nothing, but if an interested party comes (like phantom debt collector) they will sell your personal data for small money to earn few dollars on the side.

How should you get out of payday never-ending cycle of debts?

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How should you get out of payday never-ending cycle of debts?

1. Do not panic, ever!

You should know that payday loans are usually advertised as means of financing an unexpected expense, such as a car MOT. However, the true is that 4 in 10 people raise loans in order to pay for essential things in life, such as food and petrol are (for putting meals on the kitchen table and getting to work).
Also, a1/4 of people would raise a loan in order to repay some other credit. If you are dealing with payday loan debt – do not you panic since you are not alone. This article will help you in getting out of debt without raising any other loans.

2. Prevent the never-ending cycle of debts.

Firstly, many people are being trapped because they are usually not being able to afford it in the first place.However, feeling like there is no exit from this never-ending circle of debt just leads you to take out another loan.

The cycle needs to be stopped! When raising one loan after another loan can seem like a solution to your problems, but it is not. By stopping taking more and more loans, you will stop going even deeper into debts. So, stopping going even deeper into debts is enabled by going through the following steps:

3. Stop with the CPA payday payment of loans.

A payday loan is kind of a non-priority debt which means that this debt must only be paid from spare money when you have paid preferences such as mortgage, rent, food,household bills, and some other living costs. So, if paying off the payday loan will make you be short of money to pay preferences, then you must prevent the money being taken.
After applying for the payday loan, you have given the details from your card to create a continuous payment authority. This is the way of taking the repayment from the most payday loan companies.

But,it is a direct connection to the payday lender and your bank which can take your money whenever they wish. When there is not enough money to repay the full repayment they will try all over again.

4. Pay off only the sum of money that you can afford.

It is important to be aware of the fact that one cannot repay more money than he/she is able to afford. So, I am able to tell you how much that amounts and this article can really help you to prove that to your payday lender.
One of the best ways to do this is to apply the Debt Remedy tool.

• So, what Debt Remedy tool means?

It is a way of giving some free advice for debt online; anyone who needs it can use it. Also, it is a management for money and also a solution tool for debt which works out your options related to your budget. So,it is a fast and easy tool to use and you do not have to provide your name as well.